Hydrangea Botanical Necklace
Hydrangea Botanical Necklace
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Hydrangea Botanical Necklace

Michale Dancer captures hydrangea flowers' unique beauty by gilding them and turning them into jewelry.
created by

Michale Dancer


Michale Dancer created by

Michale Dancer

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Very disappointed


This necklace finally arrived today after being on backorder. My mom happened to be visiting so she opened it immediately. My heart sank upon seeing the necklace. I am deeply disappointed with the quality and appearance. The flowers do not look at all like they do in the picture. No curl at the end of the petals - instead they are flat, almost triangular. The centre flower is the nicest. The two on either side are a different shade of gold, giving the necklace a very cheap appearance. Not pretty, not elegant. A total bust and waste of money.

Toronto, Canada


Hydrangea Botanical Necklace

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